Our equipment infuses ultra fine bubbles of oxygen, ozone and/or other gas into seawater, freshwater, and/or other liquid with superior efficiency and minimal maintenance. 

Our floating platform configurations enable aeration, oxidation, and other gas-into-liquid facilities in situ, addressing risks more directly.

Ask us about the Guardian.

  • 171.9 LPM (45.4 GPM) gas (air,O2,O3, etc.) with 90% mass transfer into the fluid
    • 222 grams/min air
    • 245 grams/min oxygen (subject to generation capability)
    • 368 grams/min ozone (subject to generation capability)
  • 220 million nanobubbles/mL
    These nanobubbles:
    • can stay in solution for months
    • are electrically charged
    • are highly pressurized
  • Low energy consumption & operation cost (2.7kW/h)
  • Efficient: 3,437 gas liters per kWh (908 gas gallons per kWh)
  • Can be powered by solar panels
  • Compact (~37 inches high, 12 inches wide; 8inches long)
  •  Light (~82 pounds)
  • Floats (submersible enclosure included; air-cooled and in-line options also available)
  • Rugged (IP68) Stainless Steel (Grade 316) Construction