Aquaculture & Agriculture

Boost profits from better yields with less energy (more biomass given increased feed conversion from optimized dissolved oxygen levels throughout water column). 

Water Treatment

Safely clean water with healthy oxidation and massive contact strength to eliminate nasty compounds, harmful substances, and other stubborn contaminants.

Remediation & Mitigation

Swiftly balance seas, outfalls, lakes, ponds, lagoons, rivers and more without chemicals or invasive interventions. Fix algae, dead zones, sediments and sludge.

Mining / Process Water

Improve recovery, accelerate leach reaction, and save on process water treatment with greater surface area and charge our nanobubble systems provide.

Wastewater Sterilization

Enjoy greater operational continuity and solvency by efficient sterilization of stubborn contaminants like heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, surfactants, grease, etc.

Toxin Neutralization

Shred functional groups in heavy metals like Selenium & Arsenic, nasty viruses like (you know), harmful bacteria like E. coli, or other toxins like plastic leachate. 

Other Solvent Inspiration

A world of more ecologically, economically sustainable fluids awaits Axbold’s superior efficiency, in-situ mobility and operational durability. What solution will you inspire?